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Stockholm, October 6, 2014: Shepard Fox supports campaigning for European Unitary Patent   

The European Unitary Patent will greatly facilitate the patent granting procedures in Europe, thereby enhancing Europe’s capacity to innovate. The Unitary Patent will replace the validation by individual European countries; it will not require translations as long as it is in one of the three official EU languages, and will only require a single renewal fee, making the Unitary Patent cheaper and faster than existing procedures. Although agreed by the European Council and the European Parliament in 2012, the Unitary Patent is pending ratification by some European member states. That is why the European Patent Office is campaigning across Europe to raise awareness for the great benefits of the Unitary Patent that has been a European vision since the first days of the EU. – Shepard Fox supports the European Patent Office in its efforts in rallying political and public support to allow the Unitary Patent to take effect, by organising and preparing media interviews with key media across Europe.

European Patent Office President Battistelli on Swedish television news

European Patent Office President Battistelli in French business news

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